Flight Haven

We are a new Non-Profit startup geared toward disabled, veterans, and young pilots.  We need volunteers to help make Flight Haven a reality!

Serving Disabled, Veterans, and Young Aspiring Pilots

Our Mission is to help transport our disabled and veterans to needed medical appointments while providing privacy and simplified logistics.  As a non-profit flight service, we are able to offer private transport.  As an added benefit, those we serve skip traditional baggage checks and TSA checks.

Our Secondary Mission is to involve the student pilot community wherever possible to support and foster growth in the pilot career field.


Our Goals

Disabled/Veteran Transport

When you have need medical treatment, the last thing you want to deal with is commercial air transportation.  Checking baggage, lost baggage, waiting in long TSA lines, and packing into a plane full of other passengers who may be inconsiderate of your personal needs or privacy.

We aim to transport our disabled and veterans in privacy, reduce logistical burden on them, provide point to point flights, while skipping the waiting lines.


When not transporting passengers, Flight Haven will provide volunteer air courier service for medical and food pantry supplies.

Donated medical supplies will be transported quickly to needed communities and outreach programs.

Donated food goods will be transported directly to food pantries and shelters or to volunteer distribution centers.


Student Pilot Involvement

We will work with young student pilots to provide mentorship, training (if a volunteer CFI is on staff), flight hours, and when possible provide donation funded grants toward earning a Private Pilot License.

We need you!

We need…

  • Donations (financial donations, medical donation, and food donations)
  • Volunteer Legal Assistance
  • Volunteer Pilots
  • Volunteer Owner/Operators for Missions
  • Volunteer Certified Flight Instructors (CFI)
  • Partner Organizations


“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


Give Back

Support Disabled & Veterans



Make a difference!

Be The Change!

We believe that we can all make a positive impact

Volunteer pilots fly over 118,000 hours a year on charitable and medical missions.  Disaster relief missions include shipping food, medicine, and clothing where it’s needed most; transporting patients for life-saving medical procedures; emergency organ, blood, and serum transfers; and volunteer transportation for the Red Cross and National Guard units. 

Project Status



  • Domain Names Acquired
  • Web Hosting Purchased
  • Web Design Complete
  • Aircraft Purchased


  • Legal
  • Partnerships
  • Aircraft
    • Annual Inspections
    • Registrations
    • Avionics Updates

Contact Us

7115 Marine City Hwy, MI 48039

(586) 239-5552

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